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Installation Instruction-Sausage Gabions

Installation Instruction - Sausage Gabions

Step 1

Place mesh on a reasonably flat surface, open up an flatten out any kinks or bends in the mesh.

Step 2

Roll mesh together along the 1.6m or 0.8m lengths so as to create a 500mm or 250mm tube. Begin lacing one end of the tube.

Step 3

The binding wire supplied is securely anchored to an earth support and woven into the mesh. Use a pair of pliers to tension the wire, thereby closing the open end of the tube.

Step 4

Crimp and tamp both ends of the sausage gabion to ensure a tight and secure seal.

Step 5

Once both ends are completely closed, manual filling of the sausage can progress.
During the filling operation the final lacing of the sausage takes place, using the approved double-single lacing technique.

Step 6

The sausage gabion must only be filled to about 2/3 of full capacity so as to allow slight flexibility where the soil is uneven or unstable. The product can be built in position or off site and carried into position.

Step 7

Where sausage gabions are carried into position care must be taken to evenly spread the weight load of the product so that excessive stresses are not made on individual meshes, which could cause breakages.

When in position the sausages can have a layer of geotextile preferably 210g/m2 or similar approved (non-woven) geotextile below and behind. It is advisable to lace individual units together in certain circumstances where movement might be expected.

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