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Environmental Engineering

Gabions are widely used in Environmental Engineering,however what's Environmental Engineering?

Environmental Engineering is a field of fascination for anyone who is interested in the restoration of ecosystems. The principle is that environmentally friendly concepts are incorporated into the design of civil engineering solutions where environmental aspects are to be considered.

During construction, use is made of plants and natural materials in conjunction with the civil engineered solution. Therefore it stands to reason that Environmental Engineering incorporates aspects and concepts used in the biological, ecological and engineering fields. Hence drawing on the specialised knowledge of each field in order to conceptualise a solution that is functional and environmentally acceptable. The result is that living and functional systems (from an environmental point of view) are created.

Common examples of where Environmental Engineering principles are used include: erosion protection / prevention; stabilisation of slopes; drainage solutions; enhancement of habitats; attenuation dams; water filtering systems as part of greater water purification systems and fish hatcheries. Often Environmental Engineering principles are applied during revegetation or rehabilitation programmes.

In general, the structural components (conventional engineering structures / materials), initially protect and stabilise the site thus creating a stable environment for vegetation to grow. Then with time, as vegetation grows it reinforces the structure and consolidates it, further stabilising the site.Gabions boxes or mattresses are often used in protection of earth,river,grassland,and so on.It's very good for environmental protection.

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