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Worth knowing about Gabions

Gabions have already applied the Romans in their leading of the war.

The Gabions of that time were produced from meadows network, were filled with stones, earth and other

Material, to the intensification of their enclosures.

The Gabions were also later used to the protection from rock fall or to the intensification of embankments.

Also to this day Gabions are applied for embankment fuses (along by highways, railroad lines or with

mountain roads).

Their application possibilities were extended by new, more durable materials, theirs simple and shoots up, but,

nevertheless, stable installation, as well as by new forms.


Gabion is descended originally from Italian "gabbione" and means "big cage.

Application possibilities of CRIBRI-Gabions

Garden design of the most various kind by different forms and fillings

Park organizations in connection with noise prevention

Sight walls and noise barriers (swallow more noise than other walls and are avoided by graffiti artists)

Rigolen (water infiltration arrangements)

Auto shelters, Pergolas and other constructions

Fences and demarcations

CRIBRI Srl has specialized in the development and production, the sale and the application of functional

designs Gabions.

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