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Modular Gabions Systems Assembly Guide

Modular Gabions Systems may be supplied in (A) roll form,(B) pre-cut panels or (C) partially assembled gabions or mattresses.

When using roll stock,begin the assembly process at Step 1. When using pre-cut panels, proceed to Step 2
When using preassembled gabions,proceed to Step 3.

Panels may be cut to appropriate sizes in the field. When using roll stock,bottoms, lids, fronts and backs may be rolled out in lengths up to 300'.

Ends, diaphragms, front and back panels are placed upright on the bottom section of wire mesh.

Secure panels by screwing spiral binders through the mesh openings in adjacent panels.

18 Stiffeners should be placed inside at 12 intervals (4 per cell)and crimped over the line and cross wires on the front and side faces. None are needed in interior cells.

Gabions may be filled with graded stone by hand or with a backhoe or loader.

After filling, close the lid and secure with spiral binders at the diaphragms,ends, front and back.

Redundant panels may be eliminated between gabions as illustrated. An end panel has been removed from the gabion on the right. This gabion will butt up against the gabion on the left so that the end panel of the left gabion becomes a diaphragm between the cells of the two gabions. Spiral connectors will secure all the adjoining panels.

When stacking tiers of gabions (or gabions on mattresses), the lid of the lower tier may serve as the base of the upper tier. Secure with spiral binders and add pre-formed stiffeners to exterior cells before filling with graded stones.

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