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Chain Link Fence Installed

Introduction Adding Fittings to Terminal Posts
  Tools & Materials Installing Top Rails
  Prepare Fence Layout Adding Tension Wire (Optional)
  Setting Terminal Posts Hanging Fence Fabric
  Locating and Setting Line Posts Stretching Fence Fbric
  Hanging the Gate Installing Fence Ties

Before you start, it's important to check...

  • That fence footings do not exceed legally established property lines. If uncertain, refer to real estate agent's line plot or consult a professional surveyor.
  • Local codes for specifications regarding frontage locations, allowable fence heights, etc. A permit may be required.
  • With local utility companies for locations of underground cables or pipelines.

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Tools & Materials

  • String or chalk line and stakes
  • Tape measure
  • Post hole digger
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Shovel
  • Hoe
  • Carpenter's level
  • 1/2" and 9/16" wrench or crescent wrench
  • Hacksaw or pipe cutter
  • Fence stretcher
  • Pliers
  • Tension wire clip (hog ring)
Parts List.

For a printable parts and materials shopping list, click here.
For a post spacing guide and graph paper, click here.

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Prepare Fence Layout

Figure 1.STEP 1
Locate your property's boundary lines. It is recommended that all posts be set approximately 4" inside the property line so that concrete footings do not encroach onto any adjoining property.
Measure the overall length of your planned fence to determine how many feet of chain-link fabric and top rail will be required (Fig. 1).
Mark the location of each terminal post (corner, end, and gate posts are called terminal posts) with a stake. When determining the positions of gate posts, remember that clearance for hinges, latches, etc., is included in the listed opening width of the gate. Therefore, if you ordered a gate for a 36" opening, the post spacing should be exactly 36", inside post face to inside post face.

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Setting Terminal Posts

Figure 2.STEP 1
Dig terminal post holes approximately 8" in diameter and 30" deep, with sloping sides (Fig. 2). The exact diameter and depth will be determined by local weather and soil conditions.
With crayon or chalk, mark the ground line on posts. Height, above level ground, of terminal posts will equal the height of the fence fabric plus 2".
Center the terminal posts in the holes. Make sure the posts are plumb and set at the correct height. (Crayon mark should be at ground level.) Surround posts with concrete in a continuous pour. Trowel finish around posts and slope downward to direct water away.

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